While our team is happy to help you when you’re under the weather, they’re even happier when you come in for your annual visit! Here’s why:

  • You can take advantage of free medical benefits included in your coverage, including free screenings and counseling.
  • This is a great time to ask questions or raise concerns that you often forget about when you’re focused on treating an illness such as changes in your appetite or weight, difficulty sleeping or using the bathroom, or nagging chronic pain.
  • You can be proactive about your health. Talk with our team about your wellness goals – maintaining mobility, losing weight, stopping smoking, being able to travel worry-free – and set up a plan and a support team to guide and cheer you on.
  • When you keep up with your annual tests and screenings, we can have a better understanding of your baseline, or what is normal for you, which is very important later when you see us for a sick visit. In addition, catching serious conditions early can make a world of difference for treatment options and success.
  • Our team chose P3 Health Partners because we all wanted to build relationships and ensure you’re getting our best care. In addition, when you see us for your annual wellness check, you’re more likely to work toward your health goals and seek assistance before issues become crises.