We value our relationship with the Southern Nevada agent and broker community. Your role as a trusted advisor is an important piece of the patient’s healthcare journey. Helping your members select the right Primary Care Provider is crucial to ensuring they get the care they deserve. By selecting a P3 provider your members should expect:

  • Appointments within days, not months.
  • Warm and caring staff.
  • Dedicated time with their physician without feeling rushed.
  • Ongoing support from our care team after they leave the doctor’s office or hospital.
  • Coordination of their care between primary care providers and specialists so everyone handling their care has a complete and accurate picture of their health.
  • Timely follow up appointments, data, lab and testing
  • Access to a team or “network” of providers and specialists whose goals and incentives are aligned with their needs
  • Information and support to manage chronic conditions and to ensure all medications are taken correctly.
  • Friendly preventative care reminders for screenings, tests and vaccinations to reach and maintain their wellness goals
  • Accurate billing to their insurance provider

We will be providing ongoing updates to our directory and network as well as announcing new providers and locations. Please stay in touch by providing us with your contact information.