P3 Health Partners – Nevada is an expansive network of doctors, clinicians and support service professionals who share a passion for delivering excellent care to patients. We’ve pulled together the best healthcare professionals in Southern Nevada and from around the country to build something truly unique.

We offer our patients:

  • A network of doctors whose goals and incentives that are aligned with your needs
  • Strong relationship with your primary care provider who has a full and accurate picture of your complete health
  • A team-based approach that provides extra support to our providers, so they can take better care of you
  • Direct access to a care coordinator who can help you schedule follow-up appointments with specialists, explain how to take your medications properly and ensure data from your specialists, labs and tests all get to your primary care provider
  • Accurate coding and correct billing to your insurance provider
  • Information and support to manage chronic conditions
  • Friendly reminders to make sure you’re getting the screenings, tests and vaccinations you need to reach and maintain your wellness goals